Brushing Your Black German Shepherd

A Black German Shepherd has a very shiny coat that consists of two layers – an undercoat for insulation, and an overcoat of thick medium length hairs. Black German Shepherds shed their hair every day of the year, with two periods when they shed more than average from their undercoats. This makes them create a lot of mess wherever they are. If you do not brush them regularly, you will find balls of dog hair all around your home. This is why you need to brush your German Shepherd Dog (GSD) at least twice a week with a suitable brush.

First you should brush the undercoat of your dog with a pin brush. The bristles of this brush are rounded, so that they do not hurt the skin. Once you have remove the excess hair from the undercoat, you should use a bristle brush to clean the overcoat. This brush will remove any excess and dead hairs. The result can then be combed using a wide toothed comb, that will then remove any dead and remaining hairs from the dog’s coat. Your dog does not need to be bathed as regularly, and only needs to be bathed about once a month. However, brushing is something that your dog needs at least twice a week if not more.