Keep Your Dog Busy With These Toys

Dogs have an unending supply of energy. You might help them burn a bit of that energy by taking them out for a walk or playing a game of fetch. However, you can be certain that you will soon tire out, while your furry friend will not. Why do you not provide him cool dog toys that will keep him busy for hours at a stretch? You can find many stores on the internet that sell dog toys online. You should search a few online stores that provide toys for dogs and settle for one that provides the best dog toys. Instead of purchasing standard toys for dogs, opt for interactive dog toys. To make your task easier, here is a list of some of the best cool dog toys.

The laser teaser:
You will have to assemble this toy yourself, as you will not find it on any store. Purchase a small laser light and fix it securely on the top of your dog’s head, using a ribbon, so that the light points at a certain distance from your loved pet. Now switch on the laser light and see the fun as your canine friend barks and squeals at the red dot emitted by the LED light and tries to gram it. This is impossible because the further he moves, the light moves ahead by the same distance. Do not be surprised if your dog ends up running in circles trying to catch the dot.

Ball with a treat
Check the intelligence quotient of your dog with this toy, one of the best dog toys that have been around for many years. A flap on the ball allows you to put food in it. The food will spill out only if your pet rotates the ball in such a way that the flap opens and allows the food to come out. The fun increases once your pet manages to extract some food from the ball. He will now keep on nudging the ball with his paws and snout in an attempt to extract more food from it.

Slots for dogs
You are mistaken if you thought that only humans could play slot games. The lucky dog slot resembles a real slot machine with three reels and a dispenser. Your canine friend has to press the dispenser to whirl the reels. The payout system is the same as with standard slot machines. If your dog is lucky enough to twirl the wheels in such a way that two reels contain his favorite treat, the latter will drop on the dispenser. He gets the jackpot when all the three slots have treats in them. You can be sure that your loved pet will never tire of playing with this toy as long as he gets treats from it on a frequent basis.