How To Choose The Best Dog Treats

Everyone loves to see their pet’s tail wag, and their face light up with anticipation. But how do you identify and choose top quality treats? While finding the best dog treat takes a little bit of effort, the benefits are definitely worthwhile.

Treating Him Healthy

Choosing the best dog treats is somewhat similar to picking quality food. First, you need to check the food label to see the ingredient list. Typically, the first few components on the list are the most significant, since they make up most of the content. They should thus be of top quality. But what constitutes quality in an ingredient?

Basically, quality in pet food is denoted by the same characteristics that are present in good human food. The best ingredients are usually pure, fresh, and as close to their natural state as possible. Additionally, ingredients obtained from places close to the manufacturer’s location are also preferred. If you can’t identify most of the ingredients listed on the label, you should probably opt for a different treat.

Ingredients aside, you also need to check the amount of calories each treat contains. Ideally, your dog should get about 90% of his nutrition from food, with the rest coming from treats. Choosing healthy, low-calorie items is a good way to ensure you don’t increase your dog’s daily intake of calories. Remember that high-calorie treats can fill up up to a quarter of a small animal’s daily calorie requirements.

Keep it Natural

Most grocery stores will have a wide array of healthy dog treats. You could even find some that offer dual action, such as freshening the dog’s breath and cleaning their teeth in just a single bite. But the best treats for dogs are those specially formulated to please the palate without upsetting the tummy. Try to find items with natural ingredients carefully selected by experts in dog nutrition.

Other Traits to Look Out For

A few other attributes are preferred for their benefits to dogs. While other characteristics don’t necessarily benefit the pet, they’re still important. So when searching for the right treats for your dog, try to:

-Look for items that are either small, or easily breakable into smaller pieces. Because treats are often used in training, they need to be small so that they don’t affect your pet’s appetite.

-Opt for products that use recycled/green packaging.

While treats are a good way to reward your dog, they need to be used sparingly. You could consult your veterinarian for advice about the right kind of treats for your pets. Once you choose treats from the vast array of available options, ensure you follow the storage instructions to keep the items fresh.